Anders Boan Johansson


I'm married with two kids living in a house in Linkoping, Sweden. Ever since my first loudspeaker project in the early teens i've loved to build stuff.The combination of Hardware and Software design is especially fun!

The biggest project by far is a 32 channel Mixing console that me and 4 Studio friends made from top to bottom (Construction, production and assembly) between the years 1996 and 2004.
For more info and pictures see: Mentor Recording Consoles

The last years i've played a lot with IoT and capillary networks for homeautomation, sensors and switches. Cheap Arduinos, AVR and ARM chips handling the IO, RaspberryPI:s running the webserver backend and web gui frontend (Occasionally accompanied by Android app development for best experience)
Pond Control


I work at a large Swedish Telecom Company and have worked close to software development for 2G, 4g and 5G since 1998. See my LinkedIn Profile for more details!

Most of my time is spent supporting teams (and I've developed and maintain several tools to assist developers) with troublshooting, profiling and platform related issues. Another large part of my time is for architecture, strategic work, customer and management support. I really like the dynamics working on details and then higher level with presentations and strategies!

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